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Minimalistic, Affordable, Sophisticated, Handcrafted & Quality. This is who we are and what we preach.

At MASHQ we believe in minimalistic designs that speaks volume when adorned by our customers. We believe in affordable jewellery pieces that are timeless, precious and brings out the personality of one that wears them. WE BELIEVE IN GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

At MASHQ we preach sophistication, elegance and beauty. All our jewellery pieces are handcrafted by very skilled and talented craftsman, We pour our love in every piece we make for you to cherish the piece for the rest of your lives.



Our CDO (Chief Designing Officer) Mr. Taha an advert lover of art and designs culminated his love into a full fledge business model. With no family background in the field of jewellery, his determination is what has made MASHQ a go to brand in India. The passion for making simple yet impactful designs with affordability has always been the mission and moto of our founder and designer. 


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